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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

They say, "Curiosity killed the cat". Well...meow.

Dear Colin,

I'm still here.  No matter how large I feel in my little corner of the world, I am tiny compared to your universe.  But my curiosity about you, the real you, has never waned.  I have always had loads of questions to ask you...questions that don't pertain to acting...or movies...or fame.   If it's okay with you, I'd like to get a few of them off my chest.  Figuratively, not literally.  But if you should feel so inclined...  wink wink.

*   Let's start this off with an appropriate first question.  What's your favorite color?  There; see how simple that was?

*   We are almost the same age - so I expect we grew up with the same music.  What are some of your earliest favorite bands or singers?  (Please don't say the Bee Gees.  Please don't say the Bee Gees.)

*   I love to read.  What I meant to say is,  I LOVE TO READ.  Memoirs, biographies, fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry...etc.  I wonder if I have always wanted to escape real life, or just love adventure and different lifestyles.  I'm curious that way.  How about you?  What do you like to read and if you had the perfect scenario for reading, where would it be?  (Don't forget that I will be there too.  Oh, sorry.  Did I forget to mention that?  Well now you are warned.)  :)

*   What are your favorite foods?  If you could have anything you wanted, regardless of price or accessibility, what would you love to eat all the time?  Everyone has a particular taste.  Sweet, salty, meaty, spicy, chewy, etc.  I was just wondering what you like to eat.  (Because I like to eat.  Food is good...really good.)

*   I am sorry to say that I am not a teetotaler.  Do you like to partake in alcohol now and then?  What's your favorite drink?  (I promise to stop you from over-indulging if and when we get to celebrate something.  Well maybe I will.  You never know.  I might look better with a few drinks in you.)

*   I am positive you have traveled all over the world.  I guess money is good for something.  And in those travels, you have come across (and helped) many less worthy.  I think I love that about you.  I have had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting many men who don't care.  I know there are others like you;  I am grateful for that.   My question is, where do you see the most need?  Is there a place you love to travel because it just feels good to be there and it feels good to make a difference?  (My downfall is children. If I see one crying, I'm lost.)

*   Last question for the day.  I have so many but I don't want to scare you off.  I will save more for another day.  If you are reading this and haven't walked out on me...well, I'm satisfied for now.   Okay, here it is.  Planes, trains or automobiles?  (I'm afraid to fly but if it gets me to where I need or want to go...then I'm on it.  But let me warn you.  I may be a bit drunk doing it.  Wait; I will definitely be a bit drunk doing it.  So don't get all amorous and ask me to join your mile high club.  Just yet.)

Stay with me.  Please.  I want to know so much more about you.  The you that is Colin; not the you that is Mr. Firth.  I've been curious about you for over 25 years.  I can't help that kismet had a hand in striking me the first moment i saw you.  And if you stay, then I might be inclined to ply you with more alcohol.  You're welcome.  Meow.

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