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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Getting chummy with mum.

So I figured it would be a very good thing if I were to get to know the man from the one person who knew him from the beginning...his mom.  They say (well, really "I say") that if you get in with the mom you can find out a terrible lot about the boy.  I intend to.  So I tried to come up with a few questions I might ask her...if given the lucky chance to sit down with her and have a chat.

*  "What were his favorite foods as a young boy?"  (This is highly important because you don't want to prepare a meal for the man and have him gag, or worse yet, cause him to have an allergic reaction to some unknown ingredient.  But since I prepare all my meals with love...okay.  now I'm gagging.)

*  "We all played board games in the 60's.  What was his favorite and which one was he best at?"  (I certainly hope it wasn't "Password" as I would have to kick his ass on that game!)

*  "Was he an early riser?"  (This is highly important because you simply can't sleep with someone if they are never in the bed when you are!  Not that I was thinking...dreaming...of sleeping with him.  No sir.  wink wink.  nudge nudge. say no more.)

*  "Back to the foodie thing:  Does he have a sweet tooth?"  (This is highly important because if he doesn't like chocolate, I think I would just die of disappointment.)

*  "Did he ever do unauthorized science experiments with your household items?"  (I just need to make sure he doesn't still want to blow up things.  You know; safely issues and all.)

*  "What did he really want to be when he grew up?"  (This might not be important...or pertinent.  Now he just gets to play at everything he wanted to be.  Lucky bastard.  You win again, Colin.)

*  "Was he ever attracted to the 'green eyed girl next door with honey amber hair type'?"  (Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes.)

I have a zillion other questions but I want to save some for when (not if) I get to sit down with Colin over a nice built guinness.  Enough said for now (said the 'green eyed girl next door with honey amber hair').

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